Know Everything About The All New Mazda CX3

Are you looking for a new car? Does it need ample storage capacity and power enough to either get on the highway easily or climb rough terrain? Then boy have I got some great news for you! The all new Mazda CX3 has everything I just listed and more!

The Mazda CX3 is a sporty little cross over as at home cruising down the local strip as it is driving down the beach. Feel ready to drive through the woods to your campsite or make a quick trip to the mall. With 146hp, 2.0 liter engine, and a top speed of 120mph, the mazda cx-3 has plenty of power to get you anywhere that you could possibly want to go. Do not fear slipping and sliding on wet or uneven ground either; with its six speed gear box and optional all wheel drive, there is no terrain that you will not be able to handle.

This is not some big heavy SUV though. Mazda based the CX3 on their sporty Mazda2 and spent hours and hours doing everything they could to reduce the weight of the CX3. This effort, combined with the sport tuned suspension and impeccable steering is sure to let you zoom zoom down the road.
Your wallet will thank you as well. Not only does the Mazda CX3 get an average thirty two miles to the gallon highway, it starts at a reasonable twenty thousand dollars. If that is not a reason to give the CX3 a good look, I do not know what is.

Do you want options? Because the Mazda CX3 has plenty of options to choose from. A Heads Up Display can be installed and will pop up from the dashboard so that it can be viewed even when you have your sunglasses on. The mid level touring model comes standard with 18 inch alloy wheels, the same that come on their Grand Touring model. Audio and visual controls come standard on the steering wheel. Choose away!

Are you worried about safety? Well don’t be. With its forward collision prevention system, the Mazda CX3 has been rated a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS. In fact, The CX3 received Good marks all around in the IIHS collision tests and a five star rating from the NHTSA. Other safety features include a lane departure warning system, adaptive cruise control, and automatic high beam control. You will feel safe and secure in your brand new, redesigned Mazda CX3 crossover.

The Mazda CX3 is a sleek crossover with a smooth sheet metal exterior and a suede and leather interior that looks much more expensive than its modest pricing would suggest. It gets excellent gas mileage whether you are cruising down the highway or stuck in traffic. The CX3 is the least expensive crossover in its class and is, simply put, a fun car to drive. You would be hard pressed to find a spunkier, cheaper, sleeker, and all around better car for any and all of your needs.