Malibu Rehabilitation A New Model In Addiction Treatment

Alo House in Malibu is a unique addiction treatment program. Experts agree that the traditional 30-day addiction treatment program is not working well. The National Institute on Drug Addiction declared that treatment lasting less than 90 days is of limited effectiveness. The holistic treatment at Alo House focuses on a long-term, community-based model with inpatient, outpatient and transitional living under a single umbrella. This facility provides affordable treatment for most families.

Individual treatment plans are developed based upon the patient. Youth programs focus on teaching life-skills for becoming an adult in a way that helps them maintain sobriety with non 12 step rehab center. The Professional Program adapts to whether a client works, hopes to return to work or is ‘high functioning’ addict. Recovery meetings held in the evening work around their work schedules and daily lives.

The long-term care begins with intervention, then detoxification, assessment and referral, case management, and outpatient services. Detox specialists keep the client comfortable in a luxurious, caring setting. Once the patient’s mind is clear, treatment can begin. Client evaluations identify specific needs. At times there are co-existing undiagnosed psychiatric or mental health issues that have been untreated. Medical evaluations develop a holistic,complete picture of the patient.

Alo House’s “Bridge Back to Reality” customizes benchmarks, establishes clear goals, and emphasizes long-term accountability. The client, family, and professionals agree upon and understand these goals from the outset.

Holistic Psychiatry benefits repeat rehabbers, those who have attempted and failed in their attempts for sobriety. By identifying the source of the pain which has been self-medicated and helping the client deal with that issue, psychiatric specialists work to restore emotional and physical health.

Every client receives one-on-one counselling each week with counsellors and therapists working to help them maintain sobriety, prevent relapses, and rebuild their lives. The group sessions discuss life skills, addiction education, relationships, and relapse prevention in a structured environment with people battling the same problems. Family and couple’s counselling help on a personal level for the client by rebuilding family life and working toward long-term recovery in a loving relationship.

Daily drug testing assures high accountability. Results are ready quickly and reliably using a state of the art drug laboratory. Alo House feels confident their clients will remain drug and alcohol-free during their treatment at their facility.

With a caring staff, luxury accommodations, and uniquely tailored plans, addiction recovery is attainable at Alo House.